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 > Yard Master Series

OMS 4Sizes Angle Dave

Elite’s Yard Master Series of outdoor theater screens is ideal for picnics, barbecues or virtually any other outdoor projector presentation imaginable. It is an affordable solution to having a professionally formatted outdoor projection screen that sets up and takes down quickly. Its durable DynaBrite projection material is made for the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining color clarity with a wide viewing angle. The Yardmaster’s easily assembled framework ensures many years of good use and is designed to be the ultimate low-cost solution to a larger than life picture.


• Ideal for any outdoor activities, such as camping, parks or movies in the backyard

• The outdoor DynaBrite Material is durable 24/7, rain or shine

• Available in diagonal sizes 100", 120", 150", 180" and 200" in 16:9 aspect ratio

• Heavy-duty frame construction for all types of weather

• Setup and Takedown is simple and quick with portable carrying bag for easy storage/transportation

• Kit includes ropes and 8 stakes for wind stability

• Durable aluminum wheeled travel case included for easy storage/transportation (OMS150H / OMS180H / OMS200H models only)

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The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Yard Master Series Dimensions Table

Model NumberNominal DiagonalViewing Width ( A )L/R Border W. (A1)A2View Height (B)Top Border (B1)Leg Height (B2)B3Base Foot L. ( C )C1C2Rope (D/ D1)EE1
Note: Data Error may be ±1"



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Click on text below to hide or view Yard Master Carrying Case and Packaging Dimensions

Model NumberScreen Frame Carrying Bag (L x W) (Inches)Screen Frame Carrying Bag Weight (lbs) Aluminum Carrying Case Dimensions (L x W x H) (Inches) Aluminum Case N.W (lbs)Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) (Inches)N.W (lbs)G.W (lbs)
OMS100H41 x 201.2**40.94 x 18.11 x 4.3332.235.7
OMS120H41 x 201.2**40.94 x 18.11 x 4.5358.461.7
OMS150H**48.23 x 17.13 x 7.2822.051.57 x 19.29 x 8.4674.381.6
OMS180H1**48.23 x 17.13 x 7.2822.051.97 x 18.90 x 8.2783.688.6
OMS200H1**54.53 x 17.52 x. 9.6526.557.48 x 19.29 x 10.24 102.7109.2
* Not included with model: Note: Data Error of ±1".







CAD Drawing


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Product Drawing  •

Screen Comparison

Series Name DIY Series DIY Rear DIY Wall Yard Master

 Outdoor screen material
for garage doors, walls, sheds,
vertical supports, or self-assembled
frames for front projection 

 Outdoor screen material
for garage or shed door openings,
vertical supports, or self-assembled
frames for rear projection
Rollout projection screen for
convenient do-it-yourself
installations in patios, walls, or garage doors. 
Outdoor movie screen for camping, picnics, backyard retreats, barbecues, 
pool parties, DJ events, etc. Perfect for movie nights 
Screen Available 
Diagonal Size
94"/ 114"/ 133"/ 145"/
193"/ 236" 
96" /123"/ 141"/171" /251"   100"/ 116" /136"/ 150" 100"/ 120"/ 150"/ 180" 
Screen Available 
Aspect Ratio
 4:3 / 16:9 16:9  16:9  16:9 
DynaWhite   WraithVeil MaxWhite  DynaBrite 
Gain  1.1 2.2  1.1  1.1 
4 side black masking borders  Yes Yes  Left and Right only  Yes 

Wide Diffusion

  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Easy to clean screen
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Viewing Angle
160°   160° 160°  160° 
Supporting Hardware Attachment grommets
and dynamic rope 
 Attachment grommets
and dynamic rope 
Top/Bottom support bars w/
built-in wall hooks 
Frame with legs 
Screen set up  Easy Easy  Easiest  Easy 
Space saving 
Yes  Yes  Yes 
Portability     Good Good  Good   Best
 Weight Range 7-18 lbs (3-8 kgs)  7-18 lbs (3-8 kgs)   from 8 lbs (3 kgs)  from 33 lbs (14 kgs) 
Travel bag included Yes Yes No Yes
No  No  Yes  No 
Starting MSRP  $129 $136  $87  $250 
Warranty 2-year  2-year  2-year  2-year 


SeriesYard Master 180Inflatable (Air blown) TypeYard Master 150
Description180" Diag. 16:9/HDTV Outdoor Movie ScreenInflatable 12'x7' Outdoor Movie Screen150" Diag. 16:9/HDTV Outdoor Movie Screen
Diagonal Size180"167"150"
Aspect RatioHDTV / 16:9 (1.77)Non 16:9 formatHDTV / 16:9 (1.77)
Screen Size157"x88.3" 144"x 84" (12'x7' ) 131"x74"
Full Extended SizeCompact (2.5' D)Bulky (16' D)Compact (1.5' D)
Storage SizeCompactBulkyCompact
SetupEasyRequires Air BlowerEasy
Motorized (fuel consuming motor)NoYesNo
Aluminium Travel CaseYesNoYes



 Yard Master Model Numbers

Model NumberNominal DiagonalAspect RatioView Height (in)View Width (in)View Height (cm)View Width (cm)GainScreen Material
OMS100H 100"16:949.287.8124.9223.01.1DynaBrite
OMS120H 120"16:958.4103.8148.3263.71.1DynaBrite
OMS150H 150"16:973.5130.7186.9332.01.1DynaBrite
OMS180H1180" 16:988.3156.9224.2398.51.1DynaBrite

Decoding the Model Number

Model Number: OMS 100 H

OMS: Yard Master Series 

100: 100" Diagonal Size

H: 16:9 High Definition Aspect Ratio



Q: Will my Yard Master projection screen rust if I leave it outdoors for a long period of time (weeks, etc.)
A: Eventually, yes. It is recommended that no projection screen, regardless of manufacturer/model be permanently left outside and exposed directly to the elements.  The yardmaster is made for temporary outdoor events such as day excursions or weekend camping trips. It has a rolled sheet steel alloy frame that is coated in a rust-resistant black enamel for outdoor events. Just like any other piece of audio-video equipment, proper care and storage is required to maximize the Yardmaster’s operational lifespan.

Q: My Yard Master has lines or wrinkles on the material.  Will they disappear after stretching or what else can I do to eliminate them?

A: Wrinkles or lines found on the Yard Master projection material in most cases disappear when the material is stretched over the frame.  If in case they don't, we recommend using a fabric steamer to eliminate any lines or wrinkles.


How to order a Yard Master Series



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