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 Starling Tension Lifestyle745

The Starling Tab-Tension Series is a high quality tab-tensioned front projection motorized screen.  It has an elegant arcuate shaped aluminum housing that allows floating backets to attach to the back for a quick easy installation.  The Starling Tension is the ideal projection screen for professional applications.


Screen Material: 

• Spectra White FG (fiberglass backed) matte white surface

• 1.1 Gain with 180° viewing angle

• 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready

• Standard black masking borders and black backing

• Diagonal sizes include 100", 120", 135", and 150" in 16:9 HDTV format

• Extra top black masking border for high ceiling installation

Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards

Control System:

• Internal Radio Frequency/Infrared receivers with IR, RF remotes included

• Infrared IR "eye" extension sensor - ideal for concealed installation but still require Infrared control

• 12 volt trigger capable for synchronized screen operation with the projector's power cycle

• Manual control UP/DOWN buttons on exterior of case

• Smooth and quiet operation

• RS-232 capable for serial communication

Design and Installation:

• Elegant arcuate shaped case in white or black finish

• Floating brackets allow easy alignment for a wall or ceiling installation

• Mounting hardware kit included

• Wall mountable remote control cradle included

• Plug & Play ready, no hardwire installation required

Quality and Reliability:

• Silent operation synchronous motor with extended operational longevity

• Low power consumption

• 2-year warranty from defects in workmanship

• 3rd year warranty offered through ENR-G program (Education, Non-Profit, Religious, and Government/Military)

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The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Starling Tab-Tension Series Dimensions Table
Model NumberNominal DiagonalCase Length (A)Bracket Distance (A1)Screen Width (A2)View Width (A3)Weight Bar (A4)Overall H (B)Screen H (B1)View H (B2)Bottom Border (B3)Top Black Border (B4)

 starling tension690

Starling Tab-Tension Series Packaging Dimensions

Model Number Net Weight W. (lbs.)Gross Weight (lbs.)Net Weight. (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)



User Guide (PDF)


Products Brochure (PDF) Download
Product Video Download / Watch
Dimensions Table (PDF) Download
White Paper (PDF) Download
RS232 Wiring Diagram (PDF) Download
Spectra White FG White Paper (PDF) Download
Comparison Table (PDF) Download


Click on text below to hide or show the Starling and Starling Tab-Tension Comparison Table

Starling Tab-Tension Comparison Table

Series NameStarling Starling Tab-Tension
Recommended room sizeSmall to MediumSmall, Medium to Large
Screen MaterialSpectra White FGSpectra White FG
Viewing Angle160 °160 °
Size and Aspect Ratio16:9 - 100"/ 120"/ 135"16:9 - 100"/ 120"/ 135"/ 150"
4-sided black masking bordersYesYes
Fiberglass backedYesYes
Black backingYesYes
Top Black Masking Border Size24"/14"/6"24"/14"/6"/6"
Easy to clean (soap & water)YesYes
Motor TypeSynchronousSynchronous
Voltage (US version)110 volts110 volts
Frequency60 hz60 hz
Motor Speed15 rpm - 100"/ 120"10 rpm - 100"/ 120"/ 135"
10 rpm - 135"7 rpm - 150"
Power (watts)38 w38 w
Overheat protectionYes (4 min. run time)Yes (4 min. run time)
Control System
Infrared RemoteYesYes
Radio Frequency RemoteYesYes
3-position wall switchYesN/A
IR "eye" extended sensorN/AYes
RS232 capableN/AYes
Manual up/down controlsN/AYes
Design and Installation
Housing DescriptionSteel - White or BlackAluminum - White or Black
Housing Dimensions (WxH) in.3.1" x 4.1" - 100"/120" 4.5" x 5.3"
Method of InstallationFlush Wall/Ceiling or SupendedFlush Wall/Ceiling or Supended
Installation hardware kit includedYesYes
Slideable floating brackets includedN/AYes


Electric - Wall/Ceiling Screens
Series NameSpectrum Tab-TensionStarling Tab-TensionSaker Tab-TensionCineTension 2
Recommended Room SizeSmall to MediumSmall, Medium, LargeSmall to MediumSmall, Medium, Large
Screen MaterialMaxWhiteSpectraWhite FGMaxWhite FGCineWhite
Size and Aspect Ratio16:9 (100"/125")16:9 (100"/120"/135"/150")4:3 (100"/120") 16:9 (100"/110"/120"/135")4:3 (84"-135") 16:9 ( 84"-150") 16:10 ( 94"- 139") 2.35:1 (115"-153")
Viewing Angle160°160°160°160°
Easy to Clean Screen MaterialYesYesYesYes
4 Side Black Masking BorderYesYesYesYes
Black backedYesYesYesYes
Design and Installation
Series NameSpectrum Tab-TensionStarling Tab-TensionSaker Tab-TensionCineTension 2
Housing DescriptionSteel - BlackAluminum - Black or WhiteAluminum - WhiteAluminum - Black
Installation MethodFlush Wall/Ceiling or SuspendedFlush Wall/Ceiling or SuspendedFlush Wall/CeilingFlush Wall/Ceiling
Floating Brackets IncludedNoYesYesYes
Installation screw kit includedYesYesYesYes
Control System
Series NameSpectrum Tab-TensionStarling Tab-TensionSaker Tab-TensionCineTension 2
Infrared RemoteYesYesYesYes
Radio Frequency RemoteOptionalYesYesYes
3-way wall switch keypadYesNoYesYes
IR "eye" extended sensorYesYesYesYes
5-12v capableYesYesYesYes
Wireless 5-12v triggerOptionalN/AYesYes
RS232 capableNoYesNoNo
Manual UP/DOWN controlsNoYesNoNo
Motor TypeSynchronousSynchronousSynchronousTubular

Starling Tab-Tension Series Model Numbers
ModelNominal DiagonalAspect RatioView Height (in)View Width (in)View Height (cm)View Width (cm)Top Back BorderGainScreen Material Case Color
STT100UWH-E24100"16:949.087.2124.5221.424"1.1Spectra White FGBlack
STT100XWH-E24100"16:949.087.2124.5221.424"1.1Spectra White FGWhite
STT120UWH-E14120"16:958.9104.5149.6265.414"1.1Spectra White FGBlack
STT120XWH-E14120"16:958.9104.5149.6265.414"1.1Spectra White FGWhite
STT135UWH-E6135"16:966.2117.7168.1299.06"1.1Spectra White FGBlack
STT135XWH-E6135"16:966.2117.7168.1299.06"1.1Spectra White FGWhite
STT150UWH-E6150"16:973.6130.7186.9332.06"1.1Spectra White FGBlack
STT150XWH-E6150"16:973.6130.7186.9332.06"1.1Spectra White FGWhite

Decoding the Model Number

STT 120 X WH -E24
STT: Starling Tab-Tension Series
120: 120” Diag.
X: White Case (U: Black Case)
W: Spectra White FG material
H: 16:9 Format
-E24: Extra 24" of Black Drop

"So-far, so-good. I was looking for a motorized screen that I could hang from the ceiling and drop down in front of my TV. I picked up the 135" w/ 1.1 gain. It is awesome. The instillation was easy and quick. Look on YouTube for how it is mounted. The screen just clicks into place. The image that my JVC 4910 projects onto the screen is sharp and clear. My room is not dark and with the blinds closed I can watch sports during the day without issue. The best is, of course, movies at night. I just get lost in the picture. The motor is quite and fairly quick. I have only used the RF remote. All I have left to due is hard wire the power. For the price, I said why not and am glad I did.”


 -Sean O.


Stars: 5

From an Customer Review

Starling Tab-Tension Series: Model Number- STT135UWH-E6


Q: Can I use my manual/electric Elite projection screen as a window shade to block the sunlight?
No, Elite manual and electric projection screens are not designed for use as a window curtain and should never be exposed to direct sunlight.  Prolonged exposure to solar radiation will destroy synthetic materials and such damage is not covered by our standard warranty.


Q: What are the model numbers for the Starling Tab-Tension Series?
A: Here is the full list of model numbers for the Starling Tab-Tension Series: STT100UWH-E24, STT100XWH-E24, STT120UWH-E14, STT120XWH-E14, STT135UWH-E6, STT135XWH-E6, STT150UWH-E6,STT150XWH-E6

Q: How do you decode model #'s?
A: Each Elite Screens' model number starts with the product series name. Follow by case color (if applicable, certain models only available in one color), screen material, screen aspect ratio and product series version. Lastly, extra black drop and its length (if applicable). Here is an example.

STT 120 X WH -E24
STT: Starling Tab-Tension Series
120: 120” Diag.
X: White Case
W: Spectra White FG material
H: 16:9 Format
-E24: Extra 24" of Black Drop


Q: What are the Infrared Remote control binary codes for the Starling and Starling Tab-Tension?
A: The binary codes for the Starling and Starling Tab-Tension are as follows

UP: 1101 00001000

STOP: 1101 00010000

DOWN: 1101 00100000


Q: Does the Starling Tab-Tension come with a 3-way wall switch? Are the wall box part numbers ZSP-WB-W or ZSP-WB-B compatible?

A: The Starling Tab-Tension does not currently include a wall box. The only methods of controlling the screen would be through the IR/RF remote controls, the manual up/down controls on the exterior of  the case, or the 12 volt trigger cable. The wall box part numbers ZSP-WB-W or ZSP-WB-B are not compatible with the Starling Tab-Tension as this series utilizes specialized circuitry that is different from other Elite Screens models.


Q: What is the power consumption and motor RPM for my Elite Electric screen?
A:  Please Click here for the motor information of your Elite electric screen.

How to order a Starling Tab-Tension



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