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 > AcousticPro-4K

Acoustically Transparent Woven Screen Material

The AcousticPro-4K has an ultra-white front projection screen surface with a 1.1 gain that provides excellent color neutrality for superb color reproduction along with wide diffusion uniformity.  The angular weave is designed to handle 4K (4096x2160) and 1080P (1920x1080) projectors while eliminating the visual artifact known as moiré effect. The dense mesh of the material with its ultra-fine perforations creates a projection canvas that almost identically resembles our best-selling and award winning CineWhite material. The virtual absence of the acoustic perforations means  sound is not compromised and a clear sonic transparency is achieved.


Elite Prime Vision Series:  Peregrine HD, Lunette and Special Edition

• Acoustically Transparent Matte White (sheer weave)

• Gain: 1.1 (magnesium carbonate control)

• Viewing Angle: 160° (80° L/R)

• Superb off-axis luminance

• Optimal color neutrality; color shift is not compromised

• Moiré-free

• Designed for both 1080P (1920x1080) and 4K (4096x2160) projector resolutions

• Black cloth backing attaches to AcousticPro 4K  to eliminate backlighting artifacts from light bleed-through

• Mean attenuation of -3.06 at 8K - 20 khz

• AcousticPro-4K material is made in the U.S.

• Flame resistant: Complies with NFPA 701 and ASTME84 standards


Screen Material Sheet

Review of the EPV Lunette Curve235-115A4K by Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson: The Home Cinema Experience - Episode 11 - My Theater

Live from CEDIA 2012

Material Name AcousticPro1080P2 AcousticPro1080P3 AcousticPro 4K
Gain 1.0 1.0 1.1
Viewing Angle 160° 160° 160°
Mean attenuation
(db loss)
-2.05 at 8k - 20khz -3.09 at 8k - 20khz -3.05 at 8k - 20khz
Hole size 0.28 mm 0.178 mm 0.159 mm
Detachable black backing Yes, fixed frame models only Yes, fixed frame models only Yes, fixed frame models only
Best used with 720P and 1080P projectors 720P/1080P and 4K projectors 1080P and 4K projectors
Internet protected No No Yes, exclusive to Elite Prime Vision line
Awards N/A N/A CEPro Best 2012
Audioholics Consumer Excellence 2013 
Maximum Seamless Fixed Frame Size Sable Frame Series:
16:9 - 120" diagonal
2.35:1 - 176" diagonal
ezFrame Series:
16:9 - 150" diagonal
EPV Peregrine 4K:
16:9 - 150" diagonal
2.35:1 - 176" diagonal 
ezFrame Series:
16:9 - 180" diagonal
EPV Lunette 4K Series
16:9 - 230" diagonal
2.35:1 - 250" diagonal 
EPV Peregrine HD Series:
16:9 - 180" diagonal
2.35:1 - 176" diagonal 
EPV Special Edition Series:
16:9 - 150" diagonal
Maximum Seamless Electric Screen Size Spectrum Series:
16:9 - 125" diagonal 
CineTension2 Series:
16:9 - 135" diagonal 


Q: How far should I place my speakers behind Elite’s AcousticProA1080P2, AcousticProA1080P3 & the AcousticProA4K (Acoustically Transparent) screen materials?

A: projection screen mounted flush against the wall over a properly installed in-wall speaker will have a sufficient distance by itself. There will generally be about a 1” total distance between the speaker’s dust cap (depending on make/model) and the screen with a 5mm (.2”) spacing between an in-wall speaker’s grill and the AT screen material itself. However, if a sub-woofer is going to be placed in front of an acoustic transparent electric screen, please allow a minimum of 5-6 inches so the rumble of the speaker does not cause the material to move.


Q: Will I sacrifice picture quality using Elite’s AcousticPro 4K (4K resolution Acoustically Transparent) screen material?

A: All acoustically transparent materials on the market today are light enough in thickness to allow sound to penetrate it with low-level attenuation (decrease in sound quality) but normally come at the cost of having considerable light loss as well. Elite’s AcousticPro 4K acoustically transparent (AT) material is an exception to this rule.  It has an astonishingly fine (.03mm) micro-perforated texture that allows sound to breathe through the fabric with minimal attenuation. At the same time, it allows the video aspects of the material to perform on the same level as a typical matte-white (non-acoustic) material does. The ultra-fine perforations of the Acoustcpro 4K “AT” material allows it to be used with high resolution (4096x2160 pixel ratio)  projectors. A special reflective compound coats the surface of Elite’s 4K acoustic material to compensate for light penetration by reflecting the brightness of the projected image. All these features come together to form a product with superior acoustic transparency that has just 1% light loss while presenting a neutral color temperature (6500°-7000° Kelvin). This is equivalent and in some cases, even surpassing in video performance to a standard matte white non-acoustic projection screen.


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