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Product Line Introduction

Projection Screens 101   Elite Screens Intro   Elite Screens Digital Catalog
Elite Screens Movie Demo        


Manual Projections Screen

    QS 5-Second Series Sun City Testimonial    
Manual Series Video   Manual SRM Pro Series Video    Manual B Series Product Video     


Electric Projection Screens | Wall/Ceiling

Spectrum Series Video   CineTension2 Series Video   VMAX2 Series Video
Evanesce Tension Series Video   Home2 Series Video   PowerMAX Pro Series Video
evanesce app196     geek beat install part2196    saker 12v trigger demo196
Testimonial Video: Evanesce @    GeekBeat.TV: How to Hang the    Saker Tab-Tension: 5-12v 
Laguna Beach, CA    Starling Tab-Tension   Trigger Setup
saker tension ceiling install196   saker wall install196    saker product video196
Saker Tab-Tension: Ceiling Installation   Saker Tab-Tension: Wall Installation    Saker Tab-Tension Product Video
vidthumb starling tension196    spectrum tabtension product vid196    tabtension comp196
Starling Tab-Tension   Spectrum Tab-Tension     New Tab-Tension Screen Series
Product Video     Product Video    Comparison Video
Vidthumb spectrum auhd196    Vidthumb starling2 196    Vidthumb cinegrey5d motorized
Spectrum AUHD Series   Starling 2 Series Product Video     Retractable CineGrey 5d
Product Video        Product Video
Vidthumb vmax dual product video       QS 5-Second Series Sun City Testimonial
VMAX Dual Product Video   Evanesce AcousticPro UHD
in Family Room
  How to install
the Evanesce in-ceiling projection screen
above the ceiling


Electric Projection Screens | Floor Rising

      kestrel stage demo196
Kestrel Series    Kestrel Stage Series    Kestrel Stage setup demo
kestrel home app196    DIY Wall 2 Series Product Video    
Kestrel Home     Kestrel Home Series Product Video     


Fixed Frame Projection Screens

SableFrame Series Video   ezFrame Series Video   Lunette Series Video

Testimonial: ezFrame    Testimonial: ezFrame   Installation Video



AcousticPro 4K - Lunette   Curve235-115A4K review     CineGrey 5D
    by Andrew Robinson    Ambient Light Rejecting Material
MaDang TOFU ES vid sd    sable ez frame assembly    geekbeat ces2015
Testimonial Video: CineGrey 5D @  

ezFrame SableFrame Ver.1 and 2

  GeekBeat CES'15- Dave Rodgers
Chino Hills, CA   Assembly/Installation Video    Discusses Aeon and ALR Material
Vid thumb sableframe 3d   vidthumb Aeon196    Vidthumb aeon assembly
Testimonial Video: SableFrame CineGrey 3D    Aeon Series Product Video   Assembly and Installation Video 
Model Number ER110DH3        for the Aeon Series 
Vidthumb testimonial 5d ezframe196   Vidthumb ezframe 196     Vidthumb ezframe 5D 196
ezFrame CineGrey 5D   Faith Community Church     ezFrame CineGrey5D 
Testimonial Video    ezFrame Testimonial Video    Instructional Video
Aeon CLR™ Living Room Video  

 ezFrame Series Laguna Playhouse

Application Video



Portable Projection Screens

PicoScreen™ Series Video   QuickStand Series Video   ezCinema Series Video
ezCinema Plus Series Video   Tripod Series Video   DIY Pro Rear setup in Patio

Yard Master Series Video    DIY Pro Series   Testimonial: ezCinema
Yard Master OMS180H   GeekBeat.TV Yard Master Review    DIY Pro Rear setup in Garage 
set up in front patio        
reflexion app196    yard master200 app196    steveandkates thumb
Reflexion Series Application    Yard Master 200" @     Testimonial Video: DIY @
     Lambert Ranch Community, California   Culver City and Vally Village, CA 
yard master 2 setup196   yardmaster2 product video196    qs5sec vid196 
Yard Master 2 Setup Video    Yard Master 2 Product Video    QuickStand 5-Second Series
        Testimonial Video-Claremont, CA 
Vidthumb tripod stage196    qs5sec 196    Vidthumb emotiva testimonial196
Tripod Stage Series    QuickStand 5 Second Series    QuickStand 5-Second Series
Product Video    Product Video   Emotiva Testimonial Video 
Vidthumb testimonial qs5sec MH    Vidthumb yardmaster rear   Vidthumb yardmaster rear 
QuickStand 5-Second Series    Yard Master Rear   Tripod B Product Video 
Testimonial Video-Mark Hanna    Application Video    
Vidthumb yardmaster rear   Reflexion     
Designer Cut Series
Product Video
   Reflexion Series Product Video    


WhiteBoard & Pliable Projection Screens

Insta-RP Series Video   WhiteBoardScreen™ Series Video   WhiteBoardScreen™
Universal Series Video
 Insta-DE Series Video   Insta-DEM Series  Video   Insta-DE2 Series Video


  wbsu app st marys
Insta-DE at USC    Insta-DE2 at Cornell University    WhiteBoardScreen Universal at
        St. Mary's Private IB School
WhiteBoardScreen ALR Product Video         
WhiteBoardScreen ALR Product Video   

 WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge

Application Video





In-Wall Module   Mobile Stand for Whiteboard screens   ZSP-12V 


Here are Testimonial Videos Submitted by our Customers

Vidthumb testimonial 5d ezframe196   Vidthumb alr testimonial2    Vid thumb sableframe 3d
ezFrame CineGrey 5D
  CineGrey 5D Testimonial Video    Testimonial Video: SableFrame CineGrey 3D 
Testimonial Video        Model Number ER110DH3
audh customer vid196        
Spectrum AcousticPro UHD        
Customer Review        


 Educational Videos

Aspect Ratio/Resolution Educational Video  Vidthumb 4k educational1 Vidthumb screen size196     
Aspect Ratio/Resolution Educational Video 4K/UltraHD Educational Video  Selecting the Right Screen     
    Size Educational Video     

ANSI Lumens and Screen Gain Educational Video        
 ANSI Lumens and Screen Gain 
Educational Video

Instructional Videos

Fixed Frame Screens


Vidthumb aeon assembly   sable ez frame assembly   
Assembly and Installation Video   ezFrame SableFrame Ver.1 and 2     Customer Installation Video
 for the Aeon Series    Assembly/Installation Video 
Vidthumb ezframe 5D 196        
ezFrame CineGrey5D         
Instructional Video        


 Electric Wall/Ceiling Screens

geek beat install part2196     saker wall install196    saker tension ceiling install196
GeekBeat.TV: How to Hang the   Saker Tab-Tension: Wall Installation   Saker Tab-Tension: 
 Starling Tab-Tension       Ceiling Installation
saker 12v trigger demo196   vidthumb Aeon196    vidthumb Aeon196
Saker Tab-Tension: 5-12v   Spectrum2 Ceiling Installation     Spectrum2 Wall Installation
Trigger Setup         
vidthumb Aeon196        
Spectrum2 Suspended Installation        

 In-ceiling/Recessed Motorized Screen

evanesce install  QS 5-Second Series Sun City Testimonial      
How to install
the Evanesce in-ceiling
projection screen below the ceiling
How to install
the Evanesce in-ceiling
projection screen above the ceiling

 Outdoor/Portable Screens

  yard master 2 setup196  Vidthumb tripod  
Yard Master OMS180H   Yard Master 2 Setup Video   Multiple Aspect Ratios with Tripod  
set up in front patio        
diywall2 assembly   DIY Wall 2 Series Product Video    
DIY Wall 2 Setup Guide    DIY Wall 2 Series Product Video    



WhiteBoard & Pliable Projection Screens

insa de2a install196        cleaning instructions196
Insta-DE 2a Installation Video
      WhiteBoard Cleaning Instructions


InfoComm 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada

infocomm kestrel stage infocomm14 196   infocomm 14 196   wbsu infocomm 14 196
Kestrel Stage   Quickstand 5-Second   WhiteBoard Universal 
 -rAVe Magazine    rAVe Magazine    -rAVe Magazine


geekbeat ces interview196    
2014 GeekBeat Interview with ES   Evanesce Series at Infocomm 2010   inAVate RUS
Marketing Manager Dave Rodgers         
Extreme Makeover Home Edition 1/2
  Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2/2    







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PicoScreen wins PC Magazine’s 2016 Editor’s Choice Award

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EPV PolarStar eFinity ISF Wins 2016 Mark of Excellence Award

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VMAX Dual Series Wins TWICE Magazine 2016 Picks Award

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Saker Tab-Tensioned Acoustically Transparent UHD Wins SVC Magazine 2015 Top-30 Most Innovative Products Award


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2015 Product Guide

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2015 Quick Product Guide

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