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 > Insta-DE 2 Series

Convert entire walls into a dry-erase whiteboard projection screen: The Insta-DE2 is a wall covering film material that instantly converts entire walls into a professional Dry-Erase Whiteboard / Projection Screen surface for use with standard or short throw projectors.  It is made with our award-winning and GREENGUARD certified VersaWhite "whiteboard-projection screen", which is coated with a long lasting anti-scratch surface for daily dry erase whiteboard usage. The Insta-DE 2 has a special anti-reflection diffusion layer to provide a wide viewing angle for projection applications.  It combines the need of both chalkboard and drop down projection screen into one simple low cost solution.


Screen Material

• Award winning and GREENGUARD certified VersaWhite material

• 1.1 gain with 180 degree wide viewing angle

• Special anti-scratch layer to ensure long use as a projection screen and dry-erase product

• Anti-reflection diffusion surface eliminates glare and hot-spot while using a projector

• Available in diagonal sizes 84" (4:3), 97" (16:10), and 105" (16:9)

• Larger sizes include from 4.2' x 10', 20' and 30' for complete wall covering solutions

Installation and Application

• Instantly converts flat surfaces/walls into a dry-erase whiteboard projection screen

• Includes adhesive black velveteen border to enhance contrast and overall appearance

• Perfect dry-erase and projection solution for today's short throw projectors

• Ideal and effective instructional presentation tool in the classroom, boardroom, and training facilities

• Includes dry-erase pens, eraser, and a self-stick cradle

Quality & Reliability

• 2 year premium replacement warranty



Click on image to play video

VideoThumb IDE2 Product VideoThumb IDE2 Cornell

Insta-DE2 Product Video

Insta-DE2 at Cornell University in Ithaca,
New York - Cornell Business Technology Park



ide2 install usc play196

VideoThumb WB Comp 

 Insta-DE2 Installation at the
University of Southern California, USA

Whiteboard dry-erase projection screen comparison











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The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Insta-DE2 Dimensions Table

Model NumberNominal Diagonal (Aspect Ratio)View Height (A)View Width (B)Thickness (C)
IWB86VW286" (4:3)1300.51694.20.2
IWB97XW297" (16:10)1300.52032.00.2
IWB105HW2105" (16:9)1300.52258.10.2
IWB4.2X40W2 482" 1300.512192.00.2
IWB114XW2114" (16:10)1529.12438.40.2
Note: Data Error ±1"


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Brochure Download
User Guide Download
White Paper Download
Dimensions Table Download
Insta-DE 2 Series Video
VersaWhite Material Sheet Download
UL 2818 GREENGUARD® Certificate Download
UL 2818 GREENGUARD® Gold Certificate Download



Insta-DE2 Series Model Numbers
Model NumberNominal DiagonalView Height (in)View Width (in)View Height (cm)View Width (cm)Aspect RatioScreen MaterialGain
IWB4.2X40W2 482" 51.2480.0130.01219.2N/AVersaWhite1.1


Screen Comparison

Series Name WhiteBoardScreen
Insta-DEM Insta-DE Insta-DE2


Short or Standard Throw

Short or Standard Throw

Short or Standard Throw

Short or Standard Throw

training facilities, lecture,
interactive pens/projector
Classroom, training facilities,
lecture, interactive
Classroom, Training facilities,
lecture, interactive
Entire Wall covering for
classroom, conference room
training facilities

Diagonal Sizes
60" (4:3)
80" (4:3)
96" (16:9)
52" (4:3)
69" (4:3)
78" (16:10)
85" (16:9)

63" (4:3)
84" (4:3)
95" (16:10)
102" (16:9)
4' x 10', 20', 30'

86" (4:3)
97" (4:3)
105" (16:9)
4.2' x 10' (up to 30')
Roll with 4.2' height
Sold by the yard No Yes, up to 41.3" wide

Yes, up to 50" wide

Yes, up to 60.2" wide
VersaWhite VersaWhite VersaWhite VersaWhite
Gain 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Backing Steel Magnet Soft foam Thin film
Black Backing
No Yes Yes No
Viewing Angle
180º 180º 180º 180º
Tray, dry erase markers,
eraser, cleaning solution
Self-stick accessory cradle,
dry erase pens, eraser &
microfiber cleaning cloth
Self-stick accessory cradle,
dry erase pens, eraser &
microfiber cleaning cloth
Self-stick accessory cradle,
dry erase pens, eraser &
black velveteen border
ZER1, ZER2, ZER3 &
Mobile Stands (A & B)
Frame Black 1" Aluminum N/A N/A Adhesive velvet
black border

Sliding mount for adjustable
wall installation
Magnetic backing
adheres to any metal surface
or whiteboards
Adhesive tape onto
existing window, wall or
Gum compound
Wall Type
Any Magnetic backing Textured or
non-textured wall
Flat wall/surface
no texture
Slideable Mount Brackets Ferromagnetic surfaces Double-sided tape None
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
MSRP From $349 From $189 From $179 From $129





Print/Download Full Whiteboard screens comparison table



Q: Can I use after-market whiteboard erasers on my Elite whiteboard projection screen?
Elite Screens recommends using only our high-density whiteboard erasers since the dry-erase projection screen surface is unique and can only be properly erased with our erasers.  Elite offers a 2 pc. set of our erasers, please click here for more information. Alternative whiteboard erasers can be purchased by makers such as 3M.  Please click here for more information on 3M whiteboard eraser products. 

Can the Insta-DE2 be installed on any type of wall/surface?
A: The Insta-DE 2 can only be installed on flat wall/surfaces.  Do not install on textured walls as the thin film will not allow a smooth flat installation and the dry-erase function will not perform to its best capability.  Therefore, this product should NOT be installed on textured walls.

Q:Is it normal to see some "hot-spotting"?
A: Yes, it is normal to see slight "hot-spotting" if the viewer is outside of the viewing cone angle.

Q:Hot spot diffusion worked great and we could see a significant difference over a traditional dry erase board.
A: Yes, both screen variants, the high gain WhiteBoardScreen and matte white WhiteBoardScreen Universal use a series of reflective and diffusion layers that are surfaced by Elite’s scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin. This creates a superior image that is free from the kinds of visual artifacts created by projecting directly onto a conventional whiteboard.

Q:Will any after-market whiteboard cleaning solution product or whiteboard markers work on my Elite whiteboard projection screen?
A: After market dry-erase markers/pens and the cleaning solution can be used on Elite's whiteboard projection screens products. We also have a starter kit available for purchase, please click HERE for more details.

Q: What other erasers in the market work with your products in addition to your whiteboard erasers, part number ZER1?

A: Elite Screens recommends using only soft foam padded (non-bristle) whiteboard erasers.  Alternative whiteboard erasers can be purchased by makers such as 3M.  Please click here for more information on 3M whiteboard eraser products.  

: Can I use bristle type erasers on my Elite Screens whiteboard products?

A: No, bristle whiteboard erasers are not designed for erasing on Elite Screens unique VersaWhite whiteboard projection material. Use only soft foam padded whiteboard erasers.  The foam absorbs the dry-erase pens/markers ink, whereas the bristle type erasers will smear the dry-erase pens markings.

: What is the proper procedure for removing dry-erase marker writing?

 A: First, remove the dry-erase writing on the whiteboard surface using our eraser.  If there are any markings left behind, use a whiteboard spray cleaner such as our ZERC2 with a soft micro-fiber cloth to remove any residue.
Note: Never spray whiteboard cleaner on the surface while marker writing is on the surface and attempt to use an eraser to remove.  This will only smear the dry-erase marker ink and ruin the foam eraser.

Q: After installing my Insta-DE2 screen, I notice some bubbling. How do I smooth out the bubbles?

A: Using a sharp needle, poke a hole in the center of the bubble. Once the bubble has deflated, smooth out the Insta-DE screen surface with a scraper.

Q: What type of dry-erase markers do you recommend using on my Elite Screens whiteboard screen?

A: Elite Screens recommends using any regular or low-odor dry-erase markers brands such as EXPO.


How to order a Insta-DE 2 Screen



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