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• Home Theater fixed frame screen is designed for today's 720P, 1080P and 4K Home Cinema projectors

• Highly versatile CineWhite Gain 1.1 flat tensioned screen material with 160° viewing angle

• 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready

• Standard black backed screen material eliminates light penetration

• Black velvet surfaced covered 2.36" aluminum frame enhances overall appearance and absorbs projector light overshoot

• Easy to assemble and install in minutes

• Adjustable fix plates provide equal tension over the entire projection surface

• Sliding wall mounts ensure the installation is properly centered

• 2-year manufacturer's warranty and 3-year warranty for GEMR (Government, Education, Military and Religious organizations)

• Also available in CineGrey 3D®, AcousticPro1080P2, AcousticPro1080P3, and PowerGain Materials

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The listed measurements are for general reference only.  Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification.  Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Sable Frame Series Dimensions Table

Model NumberNominal Diagonal & Aspect RatioOverall Width (A1)Viewing Width (A)Overall Height (B1)Viewing Height (B)Frame Width (C)Frame Depth (D)Distance Between Top and Bottom Brackets (D1)
ER100 -A1080P3, GH1, DHD3100" (16:9)91.987.253.749.02.41.651.6
ER106WH1106" (16:9)97.192.456.752.02.41.654.5
ER110DHD3110" (16:9)100.695.958.753.92.41.656.5
ER120 -A1080P3, GH1, DHD3120" (16:9)109.3104.663.558.82.41.661.4
ER135DHD3135" (16:9)122.4117.770.966.12.41.668.7
ER150DHD3150" (16:9)135.4130.778.373.62.41.676.2
ER180WH1180" (16:9)161.6156.992.988.22.41.690.7
ER180GH1180" (16:9)161.6156.992.988.22.41.690.7
ER200GH1200" (16:9)179.1174.4102.898.02.41.6100.6
ER114WX1114" (16:10)100.796.064.760.02.41.663.0
Note: Data Error ±1"

sable2 drawing690


Download/Print PDF (mm) Download/Print PDF (inch)


 SableFrame Packaging Dimensions

Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioN.W. (lbs.)G.W. (lbs.)N.W. (kgs)G.W. (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH) /Inches
ER100WH1-A1080P3100"16:916.71 lbs32.98 lbs7.58 kg14.96 kg60"x4.7"x12.6"
ER100GH1100"16:924.11 lbs34.21 lbs10.93 kg15.51 kg58"x4.7"x12.6"
ER100DHD3100"16:923.32 lbs32.6 lbs10.58 kg14.8 kg61.4"x6.7"x11.8"
ER106WH1106"16:925.24 lbs35.71 lbs11.45 kg16.2 kg61"x4.7"x12.6"
ER110DHD3110" 16:917.86 lbs28.22 lbs8.10 kg12.80 kg62.9"x12.9"x9.5"
ER120WH1-A1080P3120" 16:927.12 lbs38.18 lbs12.3 kg17.32 kg69.3"x4.7"x12.4"
ER120DHD3120" 16:920.24 lbs31.97 lbs9.18 kg14.50 kg68.1"x12.9"x11.4"
ER135DHD3135"16:922.75 lbs35.71 lbs10.32 kg16.20 kg75.2"x14.9"x11.4"
ER150DHD3150" 16:938.4 lbs49.6 lbs17.4 kg22.48 kg85.6"x6.5"x15.2"
ER180WH1180"16:948.1 lbs59.5 lbs21.86 kg27.05 kg97.1"x4.7"x12.6"
ER180GH1180"16:951.63 lbs59.77 lbs23.42 kg27.11 kg97.1"x4.7"x12.6"
ER200GH1200"16:960.38 lbs70.02 lbs27.39 kg31.76 kg107.1"x4.7"x12.6"
ER114WX1114"16:1035.9 lbs39.4 lbs16.3 kg17.9 kg69.3"x4.7"x13"
ER85WH1-Wide85"2.35:120 lbs29.6 lbs9.1 kg13.4 kg51.6"x4.7"x12.6"
ER85H1-Wide85"2.35:120 lbs29.6 lbs9.1 kg13.4 kg51.6"x4.7"x12.6"
ER85WH1-A1080P285"2.35:120 lbs29.6 lbs9.1 kg13.4 kg51.6"x4.7"x12.6"
ER96WH1-Wide96"2.35:122.1 lbs32.6 lbs10 kg14.8 kg56.7"x4.7"x12.6"
ER96H1-Wide96"2.35:122.1 lbs32.6 lbs10 kg14.8 kg56.7"x4.7"x12.6"
ER96WH1-A1080P296"2.35:122.1 lbs32.6 lbs10 kg14.8 kg56.7"x4.7"x12.6"
ER96WH1W-A1080P396"2.35:121.21 lbs28.75 lbs9.62 kg13.04 kg58.3"x4.7"x12.6"
ER103WH1-WIDE103"2.35:124.7 lbs35.3 lbs11.2 kg16 kg59.8"x4.7"x12.6"
ER103H1-Wide103"2.35:124.7 lbs35.3 lbs11.2 kg16 kg59.8"x4.7"x12.6"
ER103WH1-A1080P2103"2.35:124.7 lbs35.3 lbs11.2 kg16 kg59.8"x4.7"x12.6"
ER115WH1-A1080P2115"2.35:126.5 lbs37.5 lbs12 kg17 kg65.7"x4.7"x12.6"
ER115WH1W-A1080P3115"2.35:124.25 lbs33.25 lbs10.99 kg15.08 kg66.93"x4.7"x12.6"
ER125WH1-Wide125"2.35:128.7 lbs40.3 lbs13 kg18.3 kg70"x4.7"x12.6"
ER125WH1-A1080P2125"2.35:128.7 lbs40.3 lbs13 kg18.3 kg70"x4.7"x12.6"
ER125WH1W-A1080P3125"2.35:126.15 lbs36.02 lbs11.86 kg16.34 kg71.5"x4.7"x12.6"
ER138H1-Wide138"2.35:131.9 lbs44.8 lbs14.5 kg20.3 kg76"x4.7"x12.6"
ER138WH1-Wide138"2.35:131.9 lbs44.8 lbs14.5 kg20.3 kg76"x4.7"x12.6"
ER138WH1-A1080P2138"2.35:131.9 lbs44.8 lbs14.5 kg20.3 kg76.4"x4.7"x12.6"
ER138WH1W-A1080P3138"2.35:128.44 lbs38.85 lbs12 kg17.62 kg77.6"x4.7"x12.6"
ER158WH1-Wide158"2.35:126 lbs50.9 lbs11.8 kg23.1 kg85"x4.7"x12.6"
ER158WH1-A1080P2158"2.35:125.9 lbs51 lbs11.8 kg23.1 kg85.4"x4.7"x12.6"
ER166WH1-Wide166"2.35:142.5 lbs57 lbs19.3 kg25.9 kg93.4"x4.7"x12.6"
ER166WH1-A1080P2166"2.35:139.8 lbs53.6 lbs18 kg24.3 kg87.8"x4.7"x12.6"
ER176WH1-Wide176"2.35:142.6 lbs57.1 lbs19.3 kg25.9 kg93.4"x4.7"x12.6"
ER176WH1-A1080P2176"2.35:146.69 lbs57 lbs19.3 kg25.9 kg93.7"x4.7"x12.6"

Brochure (PDF) Download
User Guide (PDF) Download
User Guide For CineGrey 3D® (PDF) Download
Dimensions Table (PDF) Download (in)
Download (mm) 
Frame Comparison (PDF) Download
SableFrame Series Video (FLV) Download
CineWhite Material Sheet (PDF) Download
Angular-Reflective Material/Projector Placement Tip (PDF)


 Sable Frame Series Model Numbers


Model NumbersNominal DiagonalAspect RatioView Height (in)View Width (in)View Height (cm)View Width (cm)Gain Screen Material
ER100WH1100" 16:949.087.2124.5221.51.1CineWhite
ER106WH1106" 16:951.992.2131.8234.21.1CineWhite
ER110WH1110" 16:954.096.0137.2243.81.1CineWhite
ER150WH1150" 16:973.6130.7186.9332.01.1CineWhite
ER100WH1-A1080P2100" 16:949.087.2124.5221.51.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER120WH1-A1080P2120"16:959.0104.7149.9265.91.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER85WH1W-A1080P285"2.35:133.077.683.8197.01.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER96WH1W-A1080P296"2.35:137.588.195.3223.81.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER103WH1W-A1080P2103"2.35:140.595.2102.9241.71.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER115WH1W-A1080P2115"2.35:145.1106.0114.6269.21.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER125WH1W-A1080P2125"2.35:149.0115.2124.5292.51.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER138WH1W-A1080P2138"2.35:154.0126.9137.2322.31.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER158WH1W-A1080P2158"2.35:161.7145.0156.7368.31.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER166WH1W-A1080P2166"2.35:165.0152.8165.1388.11.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER176WH1W-A1080P2176"2.35:169.0162.0175.3411.51.0AcousticPro A1080P2
ER100WH1-A1080P3100" 16:949.087.0124.5221.51.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER120WH1-A1080P3120"16:959.0104.7149.9265.91.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER96WH1W-A1080P396"2.35:137.588.195.3223.81.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER115WH1W-A1080P3115"2.35:145.1106.0114.6269.21.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER125WH1W-A1080P3125"2.35:149.0115.2124.5292.51.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER138WH1W-A1080P3138"2.35:154.0126.9137.2322.31.0AcousticPro A1080P3
ER100GH1100" 16:949.087.2124.5221.51.8PowerGain
ER135GH1135" 16:966.2117.7168.1299.01.8PowerGain
ER180GH1180" 16:988.3156.9224.3398.51.8PowerGain
ER200GH2200" 16:998.0174.0248.9442.01.8PowerGain
ER100DHD3  100"16:949.087.2124.5221.51.2Cinegrey3D
ER110DHD3 110"16:954.096.0137.2243.81.2Cinegrey3D
ER120DHD3  120"16:958.9104.7149.6265.91.2Cinegrey3D
ER135DHD3  135"16:966.2117.7168.1299.01.2Cinegrey3D
ER150DHD3 150"16:973.6130.7186.9332.01.2Cinegrey3D

Decoding the Model Number

Model Number: ER 114 W X 1

ER: SableFrame
114: 114” Diagonal
W: CineWhite Material
X: 16:10 Format (H: 16:9 / W/Wide: 2.35:1)
1: Version 1


"What is the difference between the version 1 and version 2 of the SableFrame Series?


While the frame structure and screen material performance remain the same between the version 1 and version 2 of the SableFrame series, there are two main differences. The first is that the Version 2 features a newly designed material that has a rubber-edge border which makes installation a lot easier and a lot less time consuming. The second difference is that the version 2 comes with an installation kit that includes wood screws & anchors, wall brackets, screwdriver, and a mallet.


Click here for a detailed comparison chart


Fixed Frame Screen Comparison
Series NameSableFrameez Frame ez Frame PlusLunette
Suggested ApplicationsHome TheatreHome Theatre, Boardrooms, Conference RoomsLarge Venues (Stadiums, House of Worship, Auditorium, etc.)Home Theater
Screen Diag. Available Size92" - 200"84" - 226"200" - 390"85" - 230"
Screen Available Aspect Ratio16:9 (HDTV) / 16:10 (WXGA) / 2.35:1 (Cinemascope)4:3 (NTSC) / 16:9 (HDTV) / 16:10 (WXGA)4:3 (NTSC) / 16:9 (HDTV) 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) / 16:9 (HDTV)
Available Screen Material (Gain)CineWhite (1.1) / CineGrey (1.0) / AcousticPro1080P2 (1.0) / PowerGain (1.8) / Airbright3D2 (2.0) / CineGrey5D (1.5)CineWhite (1.1) / CineGrey (1.0) / CineGrey 5D(1.5) /PowerGain (1.8) / AcousticPro1080P2 (1.0) /AcousticPro1080P3 (1.0) / Wraith Veil Rear Projection Screen (Gain 2.2)CineWhite (1.1)CineWhite (1.1) / AcousticPro1080P2 (1.0)
Black Back Screen MaterialYes, on standard CineWhite materialYes, on standard CineWhite materialYes, on standard CineWhite materialYes, on standard CineWhite material
FrameBlack velvet surfaced 2.36 Aluminum Contoured Frame with Crown mould edgeBlack Velvet Surfaced 2.36" Aluminum FrameBlack Velvet 3.5" Anodized Aluminum FrameBlack Velvet 3.5" Aluminum Curved Frame
Installation MethodSliding Mount for Adjustable Wall InstallationsSliding Mount for Adjustable Wall InstallationsSliding Mount for Adjustable Wall InstallationsSliding Mount for Adjustable Wall Installations
Type of Mounting KitSlideable Mount BracketsSlideable Mount BracketsSlideable Mount BracketsSlideable Mount Brackets
Warranty2-year parts & labor (3 Years for ENR-G)2-year parts & labor (3 Years for ENR-G)2-year parts & labor (3 Years for ENR-G)2-year parts & labor (3 Years for ENR-G)


Print and Download Frame Comparison 



See Below for Series Awards


 TWICE14 VIPAward logo196         Elite Screens is pleased to announce that it's CineGrey 5D has won TWICE Magazine's 2014 VIP Award.The TWICE VIP Awards give retailers and distributors the chance to honor the products that have made the biggest difference in their business. Voted on ONLY by retailers and distributors, the TWICE VIPs are based on product features, product design, and value to consumers. Click Here for more information. 

Customer Reviews

"Easy installation and it looks great- This is the first projector screen I've ever purchased and don't regret it for a second. If I ever need to replace it, I'll come right back to the same company. Easy installation and it looks great."

 sable review


Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER120WH1


"This screen was easy to set up and really makes my Home Theater Room look and feel like I'm at the movies."

Mario Carey

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER150WH1


"We bought the 100 inch AT screen and it works great. It was relatively simple to put together. Very heavy duty and the sound passes through the material as advertised."

Chase T.

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER100WH1


"Great product, easy to install. However due to the sheer size of the screen, you would need two person to lift and mount. The instruction is good but lack one piece of information for the positioning of the lower mounting brackets. Otherwise, great product."

Alan Chai

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER120WH1


"Great screen and great bargain for the price. I got the Cinewhite in 120" sableframe. Me and a few buddies put this together in about 30 minutes without any issue. I was ultra-paranoid about wrinkles, but it was really easy in the end. I just followed the instructions and had zero issues with wrinkles.

My screen is in use in a light controlled basement, but I haven't got blinds in the windows yet. It still shows well and doesn't wash out too bad when there is a lot of light. The screen looks amazing though once I bring the lights down and cover the windows.

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER120WH1


"Fantastic product for the price. It went together in about an hour. Assembly was easy, my fingers were a little sore by the end of installing all of the clips but the end product was worth it. Easy to hang and most importantly, it looks great! I replaced an older screen and the increase in crispness and detail was so dramatic even my wife could tell!

Do not hesitate to buy this product, it is a wonderful value for the price.

Andrew S. Hardin

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER110WH1


"Great Screen!! Soooo amazing!! Works perfectly with my BenQ W1070!!!"


Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER120WH1


"Great Screen"

"This screen is pretty good. I had a DaLite before and it had snaps to connect the screen to the frame. The felt border of this is much better than the snaps. The black felt absorbs any over-shoot and has a nice clean presentation. The picture looks great after tweaking some settings on my projector.

As everyone mentions, the assembly is a bit tricky but if you follow the directions you should be able to get it pretty quickly. I would say it took one hour to assemble the screen and probably another 30 minutes to hang it. I have installed screens before so if you have not done it, it may take you longer. Also, the packaging was excellent."

Big perm "WW"

Stars: 5

From an Customer Review SableFrame Series

Model Number: ER100WH1




Q: Why choose an “ALR” screen like CineGrey 5D over CineWhite ?

A: Although matte white materials such as CineWhite are ideal for environments where room lighting can be controlled, the image is easily washed out by ambient light. Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) materials such as the CineGrey 5D  are suitable for environments where there are high levels of indirect (ambient) light. This material trades off on the wide diffusion uniformity of white materials in favor of a brighter (angular reflective) image. Elite’s CineGrey 5D incorporates a diffusion layer over a highly reflective surface which scatters ambient light while improving picture performance with a brighter image. This includes color neutrality with enhanced black levels and improvement over Active 3D presentations.

Q: I'm considering purchasing an Active 3D projector. What benefits are there in choosing the Airbright 3D2 or CineGrey 5D material?
A: In general, the Airbight 3D2 material is beneficial to use with Active 3D projectors to combat the following.
         - Active 3D projectors lose brightness when 3D mode is activated (approximately 50% of lumens is lost)
         - More is lost when the active shutter glasses are put on. The dark tint of them block the projector's lighting. It's like trying to watch a movie with sunglasses on. 

Both high gains on the Airbright 3D2 and CineGrey 5D materials helps regain brightness levels in 3D mode, and the high gain avaialble on the Airbright 3D2 allows for some ambient light to be on without washing out the projected image as typically experienced on matte white surfaces. 

The loss of brightness impacts the true home theater experience by producing a dim and bland image.  We recommend using the Airbright 3D2 for this reason.

:I have a 16:9 (HDTV) home theater projector but I'd like to have a presentation that has a 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) aspect ratio on a 2.35:1 projection screen.  Do I need an anamorphic lens for this?
A: For the best possible results, an anamorphic lens is recommended.  However, it is possible to get a 2.35:1 screen format as long as you can live with the "black bars" created when a mismatched 16:9 native aspect ratio projecto is set up to fit a wider projection screen format.  It is simply a matter of personal preference. 

Q: What is the advantage of having a black velvet covered frame?
A: In addition to an appealing aesthetic appearance, the advantage of having a black velvet covered frame is to help absorb projector overshoot.

Q: What is the difference between the ezFrame and the SableFrame series?
 The SableFrame and ezFrame frame have different frame designs. The SableFrama has an Astragal (half round surface flanked by 2-flat sides) profile as opposed to the ezFrame’s standard (wedge or sloped-edgethe frames are different only to suit different aesthetic needs.Please see this PDF for an illustration of the differences.  Both frames come in 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios. Both are also available in Cinegrey, Cinegrey5d, Cinewhite, Powergain, and AcousticPro1080P2. The ezFrame is different in that it is also 4:3 aspect ratio and it is available with AcousticPro1080P3 and WraithVeil(rear projection) screen material.

Q: What are the model numbers for the SableFrame Series?

A: Here is a full list of the model numbers in the SableFrame Series: ER92WH1, ER100WH1, ER106WH1, ER110WH1, ER120WH1, ER135WH1, ER150WH1, ER180WH1, ER200WH1, ER109WX1, ER114WX1, ER100WH1-A1080P2, ER120WH1-A1080P2, ER100GH1, ER120GH1, ER135GH1, ER150GH1, ER180GH1, ER200GH1, ER100DH3, ER110DH3, ER120DH3, ER135DH3, ER150DH3, ER85WH1-Wide, ER96WH1-Wide, ER103WH1-Wide, ER115WH1-Wide, ER125WH1-Wide, ER138WH1-Wide, ER158WH1-Wide, ER166WH1-Wide, ER176WH1-Wide, ER85H1-Wide, ER96H1-Wide, ER103H1-Wide, ER138H1-Wide, ER85WH1W-A1080P2, ER96WH1W-A1080P2, ER103WH1W-A1080P2, ER115WH1W-A1080P2, ER125WH1W-A1080P2, ER138WH1W-A1080P2, ER158WH1W-A1080P2, ER166WH1W-A1080P2, ER176WH1W-A1080P2

Q: How do you decode model #'s?
A: Each Elite Screens' model number starts with the product series name. Follow by case color (if applicable, certain models only available in one color), screen material, screen aspect ratio and product series version. Lastly, extra black drop and its length (if applicable). Here is an example.

ER: SableFrame
114: 114” Diagonal
W: CineWhite Material
X: 16:10 Format (H: 16:9)
1: Version 1

Q: What are the benefits of using a Passive 3D Polarized Silver projection screen material? Do the Elite AirBright 3D2 and CineGrey 5D projection screens fit this category?
A: 3D imaging occurs at a lower level of brightness than regular 2D presentations. Also, it is difficult to maintain polarization on regular projection screen materials. The benefits of Passive 3D polarized silver projection screens are that they increase the brightness of projected 3D images while allowing them to  maximize retaining image polarization levels. Lastly, its diffusion layer enhances contrast. Although passive 3D imaging can arguably be performed on other projection materials, the polarized silver materials optimize overall 3D performance with the best results.
Yes, the Airbright 3D2 and CineGrey 5D projection screens are passive 3D polarized silver projection screens made for the specific reasons specified in the first part of this answer. The Airbright 3D2 is the standard retail model  while the CineGrey 5D has added contrast levels for enhanced contrast and diffusion moderation.

Q: What do I need to have a complete passive 3D projection system professional grade in my home/office or classroom ?

Q: What are the advantages of Passive 3D over Active 3D technology?
A: Passive 3D occurs in real time with both eyes seeing an actual picture as opposed to the alternating right-Left eye flickering of active 3D technology. The advantage in this is that the image is brighter because it is simultaneously shown to both eyes. With Active 3D the glasses obstruct the vision of one eye while allowing the other to see the picture alternating at about 60 exposures per eye per second. Essentially the viewer is blindfolded half the time without really being aware of it. The “flickering” of Active 3D technology is that  cross-talk and shadowing artifacts occur more easily. It also has a higher tendency to create eye-discomfort in viewers. Passive 3D allows viewers to see the image more comfortably  with greater brightness and clarity. Passive 3D glasses are also inexpensive so that they may be easily obtained in quantity and do not suffer from mechanical malfunction like the electrically powered active 3D glasses

For more information  about Active 3D and Passive 3D, please check the comparison chart here.


Projector Placement Tip for Angular-Reflective Screen

Elite Screens, CineGrey 5DStarbright4Starbright7, and PowerGain products are all Angular-Reflective Ambient-Light-Rejecting projection screen materials. In order to optimize your viewing experience, we recommend the following projector placement.

Since angular reflective means that your projected image will reflect at the mirror-opposite angle, it is important to position the projector so that the viewer will benefit by getting the best possible image performance from the projection screen.

Step 1Establish the general "eye level" of the viewers
Step 2Set the appopriate projection level

"Desktop" or "Table-mounted", projects at an upward level

Ceiling mount, projects at a downward level

Step 3: Adjust your screen height level and projection angle
Input Angle (Θ1 = Output Angle (Θ2) aligns with the viewer's eye level.

  • 3D Polarized Silver Screen: Elite Screens Airbright3D2 on either a fixed frame or tensioned electric “roll-up” configuration.
  • Two Projectors (DLP or LCD or Lcos), any brand ok. *Pref. matching models that have the same resolution, aspect ratio, and throw distance for the best results.
  • One Airflex5D system (check


Desktop Installation
Ceiling Installation

How to order a SableFrame





Questions and Suggestions


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