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Accesories FAQ's

Accesories FAQ's

Q1: How can I extend my RJ-45 accessory such as my 3-way wall switch, 5-12v trigger, and IR "eye" sensor?

A: You can extend the length of your accessory using the ZSP-12V-50B. This 50 feet RJ-45 cable also includes an extender plug coupler to allow you to join connections to your existing accessory. 

Q2: Is the ZWBMS-PRO compatible with Elite’s WhiteBoardScreen™ Series?

A: No, the ZWBMS-PRO is only compatible with Elite’s WhiteBoardScreen™  Universal Series.

Q3: Will any whiteboard cleaning product or whiteboard markers work on my Elite whiteboard screen?

A: For best results we strongly recommend using only Elite Screens whiteboard erasers and markers since the material is a unique dual projection  and dry-erase surface. Please see Elite’s whiteboard projection screen starter kit HERE 

Q4: What is the frequency of your RF remote?

A: The frequency of the RF remote is 433MHz

Q5: I have a VMAX2 (Spectrum, Home2, CineTension2, VMAX Plus4) screen and a universal remote, what is the code needed to control the screen with the remote?

A: Our IR remote controls have been evaluated and entered in to the databases of some Universal remote control manufacturers. Please contact the manufacturer of your remote to inquire about your remote's ability to function with ours. If they have not evaluated our remote control then the following list of Binary codes will be used for most remote setups.

For Spectrum, VMAX2 (Plus), VMAX Plus4, Home2(3) and CineTension2(3) Series

Up: 1111 0000 0001

Stop: 1111 0000 0010

Down: 1111 0000 0100

For the VMAX2 User Guide please click HERE

Q6: What is the difference between an IR and an RF remote control?

A: The IR remote is an InfraRed remote.  Infrared is based on the "light" part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The RF remote is a Radio Frequency remote.  Radio frequency is based on the "radio" section of the electromagnetic spectrum.
While the IR remote control requires direct aim to the receiver in order for the signal to be received, the RF remote control can be pointed in any direction to function as long as the signal is within range

Q7: How do I connect my Elite Screens ZSP-12 volt trigger RJ-45 adaptor to my projector and how does it work?

A: See diagram below for wiring information. 

ZSP-12V wiring diagram

Please note that the RJ-45 is exclusively designed to be compatible with only a  projector’s trigger output. Any other type of device’s trigger output that you choose to  utilize with our product is to your own discretion and is not covered under warranty should there be any malfunction. Please contact Elite Screen’s technical support department for further information.

 Download and print this drawing


Video Description: How to set up and install a ZSP-12V projector trigger.

Q8: How do I sync my RF remote to my Elite electric screen

A:If your RF remote control does not work with your screen, try the following to get in synced. See below for instructions.

Make sure new batteries or working batteries are in your RF remote control before proceeding with the steps.

For V 2.0 electric screens.
The version number can be found on the remote control, the sticker on the screen's end cap, or the packing box.

1.  Unplug your screen from the power outlet

2.  Hold the UP button on your RF remote

3.  While holding the UP button, plug the screen back to the power outlet 

4. Wait 5 seconds and then release the UP button

5.  Now you can use your RF remote


For V 1.4-1 and below (ex 1.3, 1.4, 1.4-1)

1. Press & hold the Up button on your RF remote control so the LED light turns on

2. While holding the UP button on your RF remote, simultaneously push the small button located on the circuit board. In some cases, you can press this button through a hole on the end cap. (Please note you may need a small sharp object to achieve this.)

3. Continue to hold the UP button for an additional 3 seconds.

4. After 3 seconds, your RF remote should now by synced to control your screen. 

Q9: I know that all Elite motorized screens include a built-in 5-12 volt trigger RJ45 input port, but what if my projector does not have a 5-12 volt trigger ouput port. How can I take advantage of this feature on my Elite screen and my projetor?

A:Elite Screens offers a wireless Universal 5-12 volt projector accessory (Part# ZU12V) for projectors that do not have a trigger output. Contact your preferred Elite Screens reseller or visit for information about purchasing this product.

Q10: My screen is receiving RF interference, is there a way to reset the circuit board?

A: Yes, version 2.0 screens have a reset button located on the circuit board which helps eliminate RF interference. Please Click Here for instructions on how to locate the circuit board on your screen.

Q11: What voltage does the Universal Wireless 5-12 V Projector Trigger ZU12 support?

A: The Universal Wireless Trigger is compatible with voltages 90V – 240V.

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